Gamer’s Community Contribution

Vadodara Gamers’ Consultancy is proud to announce the contribution World of Warcraft Players have made to strengthen General Gaming community and expand World of Warcraft Player base.

World of Warcraft currency is really powerful in gaming world. It is called “Gold” and it has monetary value.

Vadodara Gamers’ Consultancy runs a program where World of Warcraft players can become “Trustee” for free of charge and can contribute their “Gold” to VGC. 15% of this “Gold” is used by VGC to sponsor Tournaments and host learning events for Players. This Program was stared on 21st July 2020.

Here is the update of various Trustees and their Donation to show their support to Gaming Community.

Details of all sponsored activities under this program is available on Vadodara Gamers’ Consultancy’s activity logs.

If you want to view your personal account details click HERE.